Frank Scott

FrankFrank’s experience to help YOU!

Growing up in the real estate business Frank learned the unique satisfaction of assisting his clients meet their real estate goals.   He has always found the real estate business fascinating and rewarding. Whether it be a development, rental, sale or purchase, he strives to help his clients achieve their unique personal and financial needs.

Frank, born in Atlanta, Georgia, grew up in Clearwater Florida before attending the University of Florida, where he studied marketing and business.  While attending the University of Florida Frank followed his passion of flying and earned a Private Pilot’s license.  After graduating in 1988, Frank joined Bailey & Associates a commercial real estate brokerage company in Atlanta, Georgia.  Frank was selected to join their investment property brokerage course with extensive training in marketing of income properties. Frank later joined the Sofran Group, a commercial development company based in Montreal, where Frank earned his way up to a full Partner.  Over the next 12 years he worked on numerous commercial transactions for clients such as: Publix, Target, Lowes, Best Buy, Regal, McDonalds, Bank of America, Winn-Dixie and Outback to name a few, in addition to developing Mixed Use Developments.   In 2003 Frank joined Halpern Enterprises, a respected family owned real estate business, as the Development Director where he continued his development, brokerage and re-development of commercial properties.  In 2008 with the changes in the economy, Frank moved to Costa Rica to work with a local Real Estate company serving the San Jose market where he learned Spanish, became familiar with working in a foreign country and made many new Tico friends.  In 2009 Frank returned to the United States and settled in South Florida which he knew to be a great place to live in addition to offering many opportunities for real estate investment.  He successfully began investing, renovating, marketing, leasing and selling individual and multi-family properties for himself and his clients in the beautiful South Florida market.

Frank is a proud volunteer and supporter of Education Plus Nicaragua, which “provides the children of Pantanal, Nicaragua with food, education, and activities in order to eliminate malnutrition, instill core values, and give them the resources and opportunities they need to rise above their impoverished circumstances.”. Frank is an active volunteer in Nicaragua and sponsors a number of children in the Education Plus program. Frank invites you to learn more about this amazing program and is always available to discuss how you can get involved.

Frank has a strong desire to find the best properties for his clients whether they are Investors looking for profitable investments in apartment buildings, duplexes, single family homes, condos, commercial properties or renters looking for a place to call home.

Frank hopes he can use his experience and genuine concern for your best interest to successfully complete the perfect real estate transaction for you!